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MAGNA-TILES® Celebrates Educators Year-Round 

What ages are MAGNA-TILES® sets right for?

What makes MAGNA-TILES® building sets different from other magnetic building sets?

Does my MAGNA-TILES® purchase come with a warranty?

What should I do if my MAGNA-TILES® pieces are damaged?

What makes MAGNA-TILES® play educational?

How are MAGNA-TILES® and Magna-Qubix® products used in the classroom?

How big are MAGNA-TILES® and Magna-Qubix® shapes?

Are MAGNA-TILES® and Magna-Qubix® sets compatible?

My set is missing instructions in the box – what should I do?

My child has never built with MAGNA-TILES® building sets before – do they need help to learn how to build?

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