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3 Summer Activities with MAGNA-TILES®

School’s out for the summer, and it’s time to soak up the sun! If you’re searching for simple yet fun outdoor activities for kids, look no further. Here are 3 summer break activities using MAGNA-TILES sets to get your kids outside to enjoy the warmer weather. 

Children playing with MAGNA-TILES pieces on a garage door

Design a Masterpiece on Your Garage Door

Turn your garage door into a work of art using your MAGNA-TILES sets! This activity engages your child’s creative thinking skills and serves as a fantastic way to get them outdoors and active during the summer break. Encourage kids to work on pattern recognition as they arrange the magnetic tiles into intricate designs or simply explore the various colors and shapes on their garage door canvas. With MAGNA-TILES, the creative possibilities are endless, promising hours of enjoyable outdoor playtime this summer.

MAGNA-TILES pieces used for a color hunt

Start an Outdoor Color Hunt

Embark on a colorful outdoor adventure with a MAGNA-TILES color hunt! Before diving into this activity, create your color paddle with cardboard and your magnetic tiles. Using the color paddle, invite your child to explore the natural world around them. Look for different objects in nature matching the colors of their magnetic tiles, from the lush green leaves of trees to red roses in the garden. This interactive outdoor activity not only encourages children to appreciate the beauty of nature but also promotes observation skills and color recognition in an engaging outdoor setting.

Outdoor play with MAGNA-TILES pieces

Create a Sidewalk Chalk Shape Activity

Grab your sidewalk chalk and MAGNA-TILES set and head outside! Start by making different shapes with your magnetic tiles on the sidewalk. Next, encourage your child to trace the outline of each shape with sidewalk chalk. Ask your child which shapes they can identify.

Parents, you can also outline each shape made up of MAGNA-TILES pieces, and then encourage your child to fill in the outline with their MAGNA-TILES pieces. This is a fun way to engage your child’s problem-solving skills.

For added fun, write your child’s name in block letters and have them fill it in with their magnetic tiles. This outdoor summer activity for kids promotes fine motor skills and spatial awareness as children manipulate both the tiles and sidewalk chalk.

Outdoor play with MAGNA-TILES Pieces

Benefits of Outdoor Play for Kids

When kids spend time outdoors, here are some of the benefits:

  1. Outdoor play fosters creativity and imaginative play for all ages. 
  2. Playing outside can help reduce screen time and has been shown to also reduce stress and improve moods in children. 
  3. Joining peers to play outside provides numerous opportunities for children to develop and enhance their social and communication skills.
  4. Outdoor play offers kids the chance to boost their coordination and strength through physical play. For example, running and climbing can help kids develop gross motor skills.


Summer break has begun, and it’s the perfect time for kids to enjoy the outdoors with MAGNA-TILES sets! These three fun and simple activities will surely get them outside and active. Outdoor play with MAGNA-TILES reduces screen time, lowers stress, improves moods, and enhances social, communication, and physical skills, making it a fantastic way for kids to enjoy their summer break.

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