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Get Started with 3 Fun MAGNA-TILES® Building Ideas

Did you know? The Classic 32-piece set was the very first MAGNA-TILES set ever created, dating back to 1997. Nothing beats the original set, from the original brand in magnetic building!  Let’s see how this time-honored classic still sparks kids’ creativity and imaginations nearly 30 years later.

Are you wondering what to build with your MAGNA-TILES set? Today we will show you unique things to build using the MAGNA-TILES Classic 32-Piece Set. This set is the perfect set if you are just getting started building your MAGNA-TILES collection. Consider it your ultimate gateway to creativity and Meaningful Play. There are so many things to build with 32 pieces at your fingertips! 

Ready to start building? Gather your MAGNA-TILES pieces and check out our easy-to-follow video at the bottom of the page. Let’s get started! 

3 Things to Build with the MAGNA-TILES Classic 32-Piece Set


Flutter into a world of wonder with a MAGNA-TILES butterfly build for kids! Let your child’s creativity soar as they build colorful and captivating butterflies, perfect for sparking imagination and learning through play.

Butterfly Build

The MAGNA-TILES pieces you will need to complete this build are:

  • 12 squares 
  • 6 equilateral triangles 
  • 2 right triangles. 


Slow down and enjoy the creative journey with our snail build for kids! Spark imagination as your little ones construct adorable snails, fostering both fun and learning through hands-on exploration.

Snail Build

The MAGNA-TILES pieces you will need to complete this build are:

  • 7 squares 
  • 1 equilateral triangle
  • 2 right triangles
  • 4 isosceles triangles


Fetch some fun with our dog build for kids! Let your little ones unleash their creativity as they construct their very own lovable pups, combining playtime with learning in a tail-wagging adventure.

Dog Build

The MAGNA-TILES pieces you will need to complete this build are:

  • 2 large squares 
  • 13 squares 
  • 9 equilateral triangles. 

Need a little help building? We’ve got you covered! Watch the video below to learn how to build the butterfly, snail, and dog with MAGNA-TILES pieces.

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