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MAGNA-TILES® is Bringing Meaningful Play to Families Across the Country 

In case you haven’t heard the buzz, MAGNA-TILES®, the #1 Magnetic Building Sets Brand (Source: Circana/Retailer Tracking Service/JAN-DEC 2023/USD), and Walmart are teaming up to spread the joy of Meaningful Play. Let’s dive into this thrilling development and explore the value it brings to families and aspiring young builders everywhere. 

Four fan-favorite MAGNA-TILES sets will now be carried in Walmart stores across the country.  For the first time, Walmart shoppers can experience the joy and innovation that MAGNA-TILES sets offer, right at their fingertips.  

As parents and educators, the MAGNA-TILES brand understands the value of toys that are educational and keep children entertained for hours. Unlike most toys which are one-and-done, MAGNA-TILES sets offer tremendous value for the money, providing years of enjoyment and countless hours of entertainment for kids. More than just a toy, a MAGNA-TILES set fosters Meaningful Play, inspiring young minds and helping kids develop skills they’ll use in everyday life. 

MAGNA-TILES sets come in all shapes, sizes, and price points, making them accessible to families of all backgrounds. MAGNA-TILES sets make the perfect gift and are fun for all ages (you’ll see right on the package that they’re appropriate for ages 3 to 99). Every MAGNA-TILES set is fully compatible with each other. 

Whether you’re a parent seeking to nurture your child’s creativity or an educator fostering a love for learning, the accessibility of MAGNA-TILES sets at Walmart opens a world of Meaningful Play for all. 

Look for these sets at your local Walmart today:    

  • Classic 37-Piece Set 
  • Builder 32-Piece Set 
  • XTRAS: Roads 12-Piece Set 
  • Dino World 40-Piece Set 
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