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Meijer and MAGNA-TILES – Two Family Companies with a Shared Purpose

We are thrilled to announce that MAGNA-TILES now graces the shelves of 261 Meijer stores!  This partnership not only provides us an opportunity to work with one of the most esteemed retailers in the US, it’s also an opportunity to share the joy of Meaningful Play with countless families throughout the Midwest.  

Meijer stores are synonymous with convenience, offering families a wide range of great brands under one roof.  With the addition of MAGNA-TILES, Meijer further solidifies its reputation as a one-stop destination for all family needs.  Parents seeking both everyday essentials and enriching play experiences will find everything they need, between Meijer’s tremendous assortment and MAGNA-TILES’ ability to seamlessly blend learning and play.  This partnership speaks volumes to Meijer’s commitment to not just providing great products and value, but also supporting the growth and learning journeys of children.   

The excitement of MAGNA-TILES joining forces with Meijer stores extends beyond the products in stores. For us, it’s also about aligning values and visions. Both brands are dedicated to offering quality, value, and a commitment to the growth and happiness of families. The partnership between MAGNA-TILES and Meijer showcases the convergence of these values, ensuring that customers experience more than just a transaction – they experience shared values coming to life.  As Meijer stores open their doors to MAGNA-TILES, they are also opening doors to endless possibilities for young minds. 

The excitement radiating from our team this Fall is pretty incredible, because our partnership with Meijer isn’t just about toys on shelves; it’s about bringing the joy of Meaningful Play to the forefront of family shopping.   

You can find the following sets in your local Meijer today:   

  • Dino World 40-Piece Set  
  • Metropolis 110-Piece Set  
  • Safari Animals 25-Piece Set  
  • House 28-Piece Set  
  • Builder 32-Piece Set  
  • Classic 32-Piece Set 
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