If you can
click it,
you can
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The Original 3D Magnetic Building Sets by Valtech LLC.

If you can click it,
you can create it!

The Original 3D Magnetic Building Sets by Valtech LLC.

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  • Magna-Tiles Metropolis 110-Piece Set

    Metropolis 110-Piece Set

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  • Front Of Magna-Tiles® House 28-Piece Set Box

    House 28-Piece Set

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  • 48-Piece Deluxe Set

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  • Front Of Magna-Tiles® Glow In The Dark 16-Piece Set Box

    Glow in the Dark 16-Piece Set

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  • Little girl playing with her village built with Magna-Tiles


    Kids are busy learning a lot of tough topics – reading, math, science, and more. Keep them engaged and excited to learn with Magna-Tiles®, the original magnetic construction sets. These high-quality, safe, brilliantly colored magnet blocks are just the right size for little hands and perfect for cool learning activities, fun experiments, and hours of play.


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    Town created with Magna-Tiles

    What Are Magna-Tiles®?

    Magna-Tiles® by Valtech LLC were created to solve a problem. Designed by a Japanese math teacher, the innovative shapes offer a better way to give children hands-on learning experiences in geometric concepts and other fundamental skills, such as:


    • Letter and number recognition
    • Color recognition
    • Fine motor skills
    • Mathematical thinking
    • Basic arithmetic
    • Pattern recognition
    • Design and architecture
    • Coding
    • Magnetic principles
    • Symmetry
    • Problem-solving
    • Teamwork
    • And more…


    Magna-Tiles® are a great way to spark interest in STEM subjects, encouraging children to discover new ideas and develop a love of learning. Just as importantly, these kids’ magnet sets encourage imaginative free play. There are no instructions and no screens – just pure creativity!


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    Little girl building a fortress out of Magna-Tiles

    Why Choose Magna-Tiles®?

    With a variety of magnetic construction sets in numerous configurations, it’s easy to find the right Magna-Tiles® for home or school. These high-quality magnetic toys are made with food-grade ABS plastic that’s free of BPA, phthalates, and latex for safe play. Each block contains a unique Union Jack shape at the center, giving it super strength that can withstand year after year of use. The 3-inch shapes are just the right size for children ages 3 and up, and bold, eye-popping colors will grab kids’ attention right away.


    When children build with Magna-Tiles®, they’ll hear a distinctive “click” each time two shapes are connected. That sounds means a firm connection and is created by powerful ceramic magnets snapping together. Stronger connections ensure stronger builds, so science experiments hold together until the end and even the most towering structures stand tall until it’s time to start all over with another creative idea.


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    Board game created with Magna-Tiles

    How to Use Magna-Tiles®

    There’s no limit to the way kids, parents, and teachers can use Magna-Tiles®. Our magnetic construction sets are a great addition to the classroom or the playroom and can be re-invented daily for new lessons and activities. Sets are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs, and you’ll find an array of shapes, themed sets, and even Magna-Tiles® that glow in the dark! And since all Magna-Tiles®, Magna-Qubix®, and Magna-Tiles® Structures sets are compatible, it’s easy to expand your collection and creative possibilities.


    Need a few ideas to get started? Teachers can find a variety of educator resources, including downloadable lesson plans packed with ideas for using magnetic construction sets in STEM learning and beyond. For even more cool projects, check out our idea gallery. There, you can see how Magna-Makers across the country and around the world use their favorite magnetic shapes at home and in school.

    Explore Magna-Tiles®

    Fusing math, science, and creativity, Magna-Tiles® allows children to explore big concepts and bring big, imaginative ideas to life. To find the right options for your kids or students, explore our full collection of Magna-Tiles® magnetic construction sets online. For more information, contact us today.


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