Why Magna-Tiles®?

A butterfly built with Magna-Tiles

Choosing the best magnetic blocks isn’t easy – there are a lot of options out there! Yet there’s only one original magnetic building shape: Magna-Tiles®. With more than 20 years of fusing math, science, and creativity, our magnetic 2D shapes and 3D blocks are made with the highest quality materials to encourage screen-free play and give kids a better hands-on learning experience in school and at home than any other magnet blocks.


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A little girl building a car with Magna-Tiles

For the Best Magnetic Toys, Choose the Original!

Our magnetic tiles are the invention of a Japanese math teacher who wanted to give kids better hands-on learning experiences. Magna-Tiles® came to the U.S. in 1997 and has been known in the States and around the world as the maker of the best magnetic toys ever since.


During that time, Magna-Tiles® have helped children master difficult topics with engaging activities, fun experiments, and plenty of imaginative free play. In an era when screens dominate kids’ imaginations, our magnetic blocks encourage them to design, build, and learn with open-end toys. Many products seek to imitate our magnetic tiles, but none duplicate our quality and innovation.

Little girl using her imagination to build a butterfly with Magna-Tiles

Made with Premium Materials

The best magnetic blocks are built to last to foster imagination for years to come. That’s why Magna-Tiles®, Magna-Qubix®, and Magna-Tiles® Structures are made with the highest quality materials, including food-grade ABS plastic that stands up to every build, experiment, and activity you and your children create. Each block features a unique Union Jack shape at the center to give it super strength – and a cool look. While other magnetic shapes might shatter into pieces, Magna-Tiles® are designed with rivets that provide strength and resistance to temperature changes and corrosion, withstanding daily play without damage.


Additionally, our magnetic tiles are crafted with bold, vivid colors that capture kids’ attention. These highly translucent, clear, eye-popping hues are not foggy and make our tiles stand out among similar toys as the best choice for learning colors, sorting activities, and other playful learning activities, as well as plenty of fun.

A construction crane built with Magna-Tiles

Powerful Magnets that Make Ideas “Click”

Connect two Magna-Tiles® magnetic blocks and you’ll hear a distinctive “click.” That sound indicates a solid connection that will hold tight to keep anything children build intact – until it’s time for the next project! These magnets ensure that all Magna-Tiles®, Magna-Qubix®, and Magna-Tiles® Structures sets are compatible for even more ways to learn and play.


For powerful connections, Magna-Tiles® are crafted with top-quality ceramic magnets, and Magna-Qubix® are made with rotating rare-earth neodymium magnets. This helps ensure strong attraction, even when flipped, to keep shapes exactly where kids place them. There’s no need to worry about toppling structures and spoiled activities that shapes with weaker magnets often cause.

A little boy and girl building with Magna-Tiles

Magna-Tiles Are Built Safe for Everyday Use

Keeping kids safe is a top priority for parents and teachers, and that includes choosing the best magnetic toys for safety. Our magnetic tiles are BPA-, phthalate-, and latex-free with a completely safe design to protect children. Additionally, each magnetic block is sonic welded to keep magnets inside and out of small hands and mouths.


Today, our magnetic tiles and blocks meet – and exceed – all relevant safety standards. For your peace of mind, our magnetic shapes are also subject to ongoing testing to maintain these high standards with every set.  Few competing toys can promise the same commitment to safe, top-quality construction.


Choose the Best Magnetic Block Toys


Where can you find the best magnetic toys? Look for the original magnetic shapes for kids with Magna-Tiles®. Every set is designed with fun, quality, and safety in mind, so parents and teachers can feel good about encouraging hands-on discovery in math, science, and more.


To learn more about Magna-Tiles®, visit our idea gallery. Or, become a Magna-Maker and show off your child’s incredible creations. Have questions about Magna-Tiles®, Magna-Qubix®, or Magna-Tiles® Structures? Contact us online today.


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