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MAGNA-TILES & Making a Meaningful Impact 

Since the day our company was founded in 1997, classrooms have been the home and heart of the MAGNA-TILES brand. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with to provide Meaningful Play experiences to ​high-needs ​classroom​s across our hometown community. ​ 

Many Classrooms Are in Crisis  

Every student deserves access to resources that spark their curiosity, nurture their creativity, and build important problem-solving skills. Unfortunately, far too many children are lacking even the most basic school supplies. 80% of teachers said that their students’ families are having a harder time paying for school supplies today. When families can’t pay for supplies, teachers step up to meet the need by spending an average of $860 annually out-of-pocket.  

Why are teachers spending so much of their own money? This past school year, teachers received a median classroom budget of $200. That’s only $8 worth of school supplies per student in a classroom with 25 children. This simply isn’t enough.  

The Perfect Partner is helping advance equity in education, one classroom at a time. Last year alone, they directly supported over 19,000 classrooms (90% of which were ​high-needs​​) ​and 432,000 children across the US. Donations to help transform classrooms, by providing flexible funding that empowers teachers to create engaging learning environments for their ​students​. We are honored and humbled to play a role in helping make a difference that lasts far beyond the classroom walls.  


This year, MAGNA-TILES has donated ​more than ​$60,000 to fund ​over ​200 high-needs PreK classrooms in Chicago Public Schools.  These funds will be used to purchase essential school supplies. ​I​n addition, to help teachers foster students’ creative learning and play, we’ve gifted each classroom with three large MAGNA-TILES sets. 

More to Come!  

This exciting partnership with is a critical part of the MAGNA-TILES brand’s “Making a Meaningful Impact” initiative, which is our commitment to spreading the joy of Meaningful Play to children and communities across the world.    

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