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MAGNA-TILES® Celebrates Educators Year-Round 

Teacher Appreciation Week is a time to honor the individuals who have a profound impact on young minds, inspiring creativity, fostering curiosity, and instilling a lifelong love of learning. It’s also no secret that there’s a special place in MAGNA-TILES® world for these remarkable educators. After all, MAGNA-TILES sets were initially designed to be a teaching tool in the classroom.  

In 1997, our founder, Rudy Valenta, zig-zagged the country, introducing the first MAGNA-TILES sets to teachers across the US. They immediately saw the potential application for MAGNA-TILES based activities in the classroom. Through word-of-mouth from these first fans, the brand became widely known as an essential teaching tool and classroom companion. Now, 27 years later, the original name in magnetic building has become a staple in classrooms and playrooms, not just in the US, but across the world. 

Educators remain an essential part of the MAGNA-TILES story today, and we’re dedicated to continuing to support them with tools and resources. For example, in the “Free & Fun” section of the blog, we have several resources available to guide classroom activities and creative play. Check out one of our top downloads: Lesson Plans, a favorite among teachers and parents alike. In collaboration with teachers nationwide, we’ve developed lesson plans (Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade and Special Education) that inspire different ways for children to learn and play with MAGNA-TILES sets. These lesson plans were crafted by educators, specifically for educators. These can be used in a traditional/at-home classroom or shared with an educator you love!  

Furthermore, we’ve partnered with the incredible team at AdoptAClassroom.org, to address the critical needs of classrooms in underserved communities. In 2023, MAGNA-TILES donated over $60,000 and 600 sets to 200+ Pre-K classrooms in economically disadvantaged communities of Chicago. We’re excited to continue our partnership here in 2024, as part of MAGNA-TILES’ broader commitment to spreading the joy of Meaningful Play to classrooms and communities across the country.  

Teacher Appreciation Week comes once a year, but together, we can celebrate educators year-round. Thank you to all teachers for your tireless commitment to shaping the future. Your impact is immeasurable. 

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