Celebrating Engineers Week with Henry Hillstrom, Mechanical Engineer

Meet Henry Hillstrom, Mechanical Engineer

Happy National Engineers Week! 🛠️✨ In celebration of the incredible work engineers do, we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with one of the brilliant minds behind our innovative designs.

What led you to join MAGNA-TILES?

I have a passion for working on quality products and have always wanted to solve problems in order to bring joy to people around the world. I also grew up as a building toy fanatic myself.  When the opportunity to join the MAGNA-TILES team came along, a team that brings that same fun to kids everywhere, I jumped at the chance to fulfill my dream.

What do you love most about being part of the engineering team at MAGNA-TILES?

I love working on the highly collaborative and close-knit Product Development team. My teammates trust my knowledge and insight, giving me the opportunity to express my opinions without fear. We all have a say in the theming and features of new products, which allows me to use my creativity to create the future of meaningful play.

What can kids do to explore Engineering in a fun way?

Engineering can truly be magical when you understand how it gives us power to improve the world around us. And the best teacher, as many engineers will attest to, is failure. MAGNA-TILES are a great toy for anyone to learn the basics of engineering since you can find so many ways to fail.  Try building the highest tower possible, and when it falls try to think, “how can I get it taller?” And when that falls over again, try to think, “how can I make it not fall over next time?” Then try building the longest bridge, the biggest ramp, or anything you can imagine as long as you are asking questions and pushing to improve.

Check out Henry’s helpful tips for your next build!

How would you describe the MAGNA-TILES company culture?

MAGNA-TILES is a place where childlike curiosity is valued, and where everyone puts the team first. Although I’ve only been with MAGNA-TILES for less than a year, and although it sounds like corporate jargon, I already feel like we are a family, dedicated to the same goal of bringing more fun to the world.

If you could bring any MAGNA-TILES set to life, which set would it be and why?

Even though it may be scary, I would bring the Jungle set to life. I love the tree bark and vine tiles, and the caiman is so cute! I also have 2 cats of my own, so maybe the leopard and tiger could be their new friends.

What do you do outside of work?

I like to play board games with friends, visit museums, watch live music, and the occasional game of darts. I also enjoy playing with my two cats and cooking with my wonderful wife.

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