Why Are MAGNA-TILES So Expensive_

Why Are MAGNA-TILES So Expensive?

“We love our MAGNA-TILES, but they are so expensive.”  This is something we hear often.  Yes, there are ways to make magnetic tiles less expensive, but we choose not to.  Our products are made for kids and we know what that means: An uncompromising commitment to safety and a promise to millions of parents, who’ve trusted our products in their homes for generations.   

Let’s dive into the reasons why an investment in MAGNA-TILES sets are worth every penny!    

(Over-)Engineered for Safety  

We go the extra mile (and spend the extra dollar) with product engineering with one simple goal – to keep our tiles together and keep magnets secure. For example:  

  1. Our signature, reinforced lattice maximizes the stiffness and strength of the tile’s surface area. This keeps our tiles from cracking, especially if they are accidentally stepped on.  No lattice = no guarantee.   
  1. Those 9 circles you see?  Those are press pins and MAGNA-TILES have more press pins per piece than any other magnetic tile brand. When it comes to keeping the tiles snugly together, press pins do the heavy lifting. 
  1. Fun fact, we were the first brand to include nickel-plated rivets on our tiles. These rivets, along with the press pins, ensure all our tiles are double secured and the magnets will never come loose. 
  1. It’s the stuff you can’t see too, like our innovative “V-Lock Connection” design that prevents chipping and separation on the edges of our tiles.  It’s a small detail, makes a big difference in long-term durability, and is another way we’ve over-engineered MAGNA-TILES pieces to keep your kids safe.   

Highest Quality Components  

Simply put, there’s a direct correlation between price and quality when it comes to many things, including premium toys like MAGNA-TILES sets.  Our tiles are made with modified ABS (or MABS) plastic that is free of BPA, phthalates, and toxic materials. We’ve been using the same high-quality materials since the last century (well, 1997 to be exact), so you can count on the safety, durability and vibrant glossy colors you’re known for years. 

Our magnets are also selected specifically with little kids in mind, letting them easily pull apart tiles for safe, frustration-free building.  Say NO to pinched fingers!  

Rigorous Testing  

“It’s a testament to the company that in 25-plus years there has never been a recall,” says Rachel Rothman, Chief Technologist and Executive Technical Director at the Good Housekeeping Institute.  It’s true, all MAGNA-TILES products meet US and international testing guidelines, including EN71, ASTM, and CPSIA.  Here’s a list of the types of rigorous testing we do on our products. 

  • Drop testing  
  • Torque testing  
  • Tension testing 
  • Compression testing 
  • Tension test for magnets  
  • Impact test for magnets  
  • Soaking test for magnets  
  • Content analysis  

Final Thoughts

When you see the MAGNA-TILES® logo on your tiles, know that you’ve made the right investment for your kids If it doesn’t say MAGNA-TILES, its just a magnetic tile We don’t cut corners and neither do you.   

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